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  1. How do I buy one of your domains?

    Go direct to where you will find it listed for sale

    Domains will ONLY be sold through Sedo. If your offer is accepted the domain will go to auction..your offer will become the first bid.

  2. How can I be sure this is not a scam?

    Please visit where you can buy with complete confidence. All purchases are safe & secure and made through escrow.

  3. Can I only buy through Sedo?


    Unless a domain is listed for sale on ebay, in which case it can be purchsed securely through Paypal/ebay.

    Check here to see if any are listed on ebay

  4. I like website the domain points to, can I buy that too?

    If you buy one of the domains which has an exisitng website, the site is  a free site with hosting that can be passed over with the domain at no extra cost if required by the buyer.

    The website can then be further developed, pages added, edited, & upgraded as required.

  5. My question is not here

    Please use to the contact form for other enquiires.



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